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1-on-1 coaching

It’s time to make a decision — once and for all.

Get personalized support with 1-on-1 coaching
1-on-1 coaching

You’ve been going in circles for too long:

Kids or no kids? Now…later…maybe?

You thought after all this time thinking about it, you’d have reached a definitive decision.

But the more you weigh the pros and cons, and the more you try and make a decision…the further away you feel from knowing what you want. 

And, all the while, time keeps on ticking.

Deciding whether or not to have kids is a deeply personal decision. But it's also a journey you don't need to go on alone.

My 1-on-1 clarity coaching can help connect you with your own wants and needs — and vision of the future — so you can choose your kids or childfree path with confidence. 

◇ An opportunity to uncover what you desire — away from external pressures, judgments, and the perspectives of others


◇ The support of a warm and trusted guide (that's me!), who is more than happy to openly share and answer any questions about her own experience navigating this decision


◇ The chance to safely explore any guilt, shame, and fears that may be keeping you stuck


◇ New perspectives & clarity on the decision of whether or not to have kids — and the freedom that a fresh outlook can bring

1:1 coaching will provide…

1-on-1 coaching
1-on-1 coaching

If you are thinking, Yes please, Keltie I needed this, like, a decade ago
read on for details on how private coaching with me works:

1-on-1 coaching

The Clarity Booster

◇ You want support tackling one specific aspect of your decision (i.e. how to get your parents off your back about grandkids or ways to navigate things when your partner isn’t on the same page as you).

◇ You need a sounding board and a safe space to discuss your thoughts and feelings on the topic — someone who’s not your partner, mom, or bestie.

◇ You’re curious how coaching can support you with your choice but aren’t quite ready to make a longer commitment.

4- or a 12-month private coaching package

◇ You know the outcome of this decision will shape the rest of your life, and refuse to take the “let’s just see what happens” approach.

Whether or not you ultimately decide to have kids, you want to go in with eyes wide open, making a conscious and intentional choice.

◇ You’re committed to digging deep into the question, “Kids or childfree?” — starting today. No more hoping you’ll just eventually “know”.

◇ You want support and accountability to do the deep work and you understand that this work will take time.

◇ You’re done with trying to navigate this decision alone: you want the support of a guide who knows the frustration, loneliness, and shame that being indecisive about kids brings, and are ready to feel completely seen and heard while making your choice. 

1-on-1 coaching
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