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Kids or Childfree

an online workshop with Clarity Coach, Keltie Maguire

Our next workshop date:
February 20th
7 pm CET (1 pm ET)
online workshop with Clarity Coach

Uncover the path that’s right for you.

If you…

◇ Are tired of making endless pros and cons lists about whether or not you should have kids

◇ Feel like the time to make a decision is running out, and meanwhile, you still don’t know if you want to be a parent

◇ Are done with dodging questions from friends, family, and even strangers wondering, “When are you going to have kids?”

◇ Worry that you could make the wrong choice, and end up lonely, old, and regretful — or worse — with children you secretly resent

Kids or Childfree

…this workshop will help you connect with what YOU want.

Kids or Childfree Kids or Childfree

My Kids or Childfree workshop will give you…

◇ An opportunity to explore and discover your own wants, needs, and desires in life — away from external pressures, judgments, and perspectives of others

◇ The chance to safely explore some of the fears and wants that may be keeping you stuck

◇ Open and supportive discussion with others who are grappling with ambivalence, confusion, and uncertainty about whether they want to have kids

◇ New perspectives on the decision about whether or not to have kids — and the freedom that a fresh outlook can bring

PLUS — you’ll receive a digital workbook containing exercises and questions from the workshop, so you can continue exploring this decision on your own time.

Will this 2 hour workshop help you decide once and for all whether kids are for you?

That’s a tall order for a choice that will literally change your entire life. (Though it’s entirely possible.)

What you will walk away with is…

Greater clarity in terms of how you feel about becoming a parent vs. living a childfree life

A stronger connection with your overall vision in life

Deeper understanding of the beliefs and programming that are keeping you unclear

Powerful questions — and self-knowledge — that will help you not only get clear on whether or not you want kids, but that can serve as a guide in all areas of your life

Kids or Childfree by Choice with Keltie Maguire

Oh hey, it’s me — your workshop host.
And my sassy Meximutt, Shira.

 My Kids or Childfree workshop

I’m Keltie Maguire: a Canadian ex-pat living in Germany, Clarity Coach for business owners and professionals — and childfree by choice.

While, today, I’m all about embracing what it means to be an adventure-loving, freedom-seeking entrepreneurial woman without kids, I remember how hard it felt to be straddling the fence in the middle:

Why did it seem like almost every other woman out there knew with all their heart that they wanted to be a mom?

For so many years I felt like there was something terribly wrong with me — that I was unwomanly — for not urging to have children. And yet I also couldn’t relate to those who said they just “always knew” that kids weren’t in their future.

Through coaching, self-reflection, connection with other childfree women — and by embracing my own process for uncovering greater clarity — I eventually came to what I call “99% clarity” that my path is NOT to become a mother. (Join the workshop to hear about the 1% seed of doubt that, ironically, brings me comfort and confidence, rather than second-guessing!)

After sharing my story on the We Are Childfree podcast in November 2021 (tune into my episode here), I was touched by an outpouring of messages from women telling me, This is exactly how I feel!

It turns out I wasn’t the only person who had grappled with this choice or who didn’t immediately “just know” that kids were — or weren’t — for me.

I promise that it’s 100% okay to feel ambivalent and uncertain about whether to have kids, and I can say with full confidence: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. I also know from first-hand experience: there IS a future available with greater confidence and a clear choice.

Ready to claim confidence and clarity on your path, whatever that may be?

Our next workshop dates:
February 16th

7 pm CET (1 pm ET)
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