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Here are some of the free
tools and resources I created to get you started on your
Kids or Childfree journey ✨

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Navigating the Regret

Worried you'll regret it if you don't have kids? Or that you might regret it if you do? Get the replay of this FREE 1-hour online session all about the topic of regret and the Kids or Childfree decision. 

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Kids or Childfree
Response Guide

Done with dodging questions like: When are you going to have kids?  My Kids or Childfree Response Guide will give you 25 different ways to reply. (No matter who's doing the asking.)

The Ultimate Kids or Childfree Book Guide

FREE guide featuring 22 books that have been hand-picked to help you decide: have kids or stay childfree? Choose the book that's a fit for you!

Books and Coffee
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