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 4 or 12 month private coaching package

 4 or 12 month private coaching package

It's time to finally get clear on things: will you have kids — or stay childfree?

This is for you if you're ready to stop struggling for answers alone. 

 4 or 12 month private coaching package

This is perfect for you if…

 4 or 12 month private coaching package

◇ You’re committed to digging deep into the question, “Kids or childfree” — starting today. No more hoping you’ll just eventually “know”.

◇ You’re done with trying to navigate this decision alone: you want the support of a guide who knows the frustration, loneliness, and shame that being indecisive about kids brings, and are ready to feel completely seen and heard while making your choice.

◇ You know in your soul that the outcome of this decision will shape the rest of your life, and refuse to take the “let’s just see what happens” approach. Whether or not you ultimately decide to have kids, you want to go in with eyes wide open, making a conscious and intentional choice.

◇ You want support and accountability to do the deep work and you understand that this work will take time.

Here’s how it works

Step 1

The two of us will meet for a zero-pressure discovery call to see if we're a good fit.

Step 2

 If we're both excited to work together, on-boarding is simple and straightforward: I'll send you the booking link for the "Success-Setting Session" that will kick off our time together, along with your invoice and payment link.

Step 3

During our 4- or 12-months working together, I'll be your guide and support through the entire process. Together, we'll take you from feeling unclear and uncertain about whether to have kids or remain childfree, to feeling connected with what you want and the life that lies ahead of you.

 4 or 12 month private coaching package

Here’s what’s included:

◇ 1 x Sucess-Setting Session
We'll begin our work together with a brief onboarding call where we'll establish your vision for our time together, and how I can best support you.

◇ 2 x 1-hour Coaching Calls per month
This is where we go super deep: I'll ask you the questions that long to be answered and we'll work through the blocks keeping you stuck in making a decision.

Each session, you'll walk away with insights and simple action steps to help you connect with your wants, needs, and desires, so you can get closer to making the right choice for you — whatever that may be.

◇ Unlimited email & Voxer support
Feeling stuck between sessions and need help cutting through the mental clutter? Have an ah-ha moment you want to celebrate? I’m just a quick message away.

Plus, when we work together you’ll receive . . .

◇ Online program tracker as a record of our work together, and so you can see the growth, discoveries, and progress you’re making

◇ Customized feedback and notes so you can keep on top of all those ah-ha moments and next steps as your navigate your decision

◇ Personalized resources to accelerate your journey

◇ Recommended booklist (and the reads that have helped me most on my own path!)

◇ Journaling Prompts & Worksheets — an ever-growing list of powerful questions and exercises to unleash powerful insights and impact

Option 1

4-month coaching package:

$700 USD per month or

$2800 USD Pay In Full

*pricing in USD, excluding any applicable taxes

Option 2

12-month coaching package:

$700 USD per month or

$8000 USD Pay In Full

*pricing in USD, excluding any applicable taxes

Ready to step into renewed clarity so you can make your kids or childfree decision?

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