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Between Friends:

 a conversation about motherhood, childfree living, and the friendship between two women who’ve chosen different paths

Friends in the Lake

What happens to a friendship when one of you has kids — and the other doesn't?

Join me and one of my best friends of nearly 25 years, Lauren Grant.

Lauren is a mom.

I'm childfree by choice.

And we're giving you the chance to be a fly on the wall as we have an intimate conversation about our respective choices and how we've navigated our friendship despite having each chosen a different path. 

We'll be discussing...

◇ What it meant for our friendship when Lauren became a mom — and I decided not to — and what we feel and felt about each other's choice

◇ Pregnancy loss, post-partum, and the ups and downs of raising kids

◇ The changing seasons of our friendship over the last two and a half decades

◇ How to navigate and have a supportive friendship when one of you has kids and the other doesn't

Lauren & I in 2007.JPG

Lauren & I during a night out in our mid-20's.

Plus, you'll have the chance to ask us whatever questions you have about the topics we'll discuss. 

Hi, it's us :)

Lauren headshot.jpg
Meet Lauren Grant

Lauren Grant is an award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, and the visionary behind Clique Pictures, a vibrant film and television production company she founded in 2006.

Lauren has a 8-year-old daughter and two step-kids in their 20's, and lives in Toronto, Canada.

Carito Photography-Personal Brand Photographer Munich-KeltieM-HQ-89_edited.jpg
Meet Keltie Maguire

Keltie Maguire is a Canadian expat and Clarity Coach living in Munich, Germany.

After struggling for over a decade to decide whether or not she wanted to have kids (in the end, she chose to remain childfree), Keltie now helps other women get clarity on whether motherhood or a childfree path is for them.

Catch the replay of  this 1-hour conversation Between Friends. Get it for free, below. 👇

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