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The Full Story

I don’t know exactly when my choice started to slide into place; I suppose it was a number of things:

Discovering childfree voices and stories online.

Really connecting with what I wanted and didn’t want — instead of what I’d been told I should.

Talking to other women without children and realizing it wasn’t just me who felt ambivalence and uncertainty when it came to having kids.

Part of me thinks I was simply tired of going over the “Kids or childfree?” question in my head.

In any case, it started to dawn on me, and part of me wonders why it hadn’t struck me before:

Maybe I didn’t have to have kids. Perhaps my lack of desire was simply because motherhood wasn’t for me.

Kids or Childfree

Today, I joyfully celebrate my childfree life.

I don’t believe not having kids is better than being a mom, but I’m confident that it’s the better choice for me.

My husband and I travel a ton. I continue growing and nurturing a business I love. I spend my time hiking in the mountains, reading books, hanging out with my dog, and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones.

I embrace all of the freedoms that being childfree affords me.

And my wanting? It turns out it wasn’t missing. It was simply for something different.

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