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Kids or Childfree on your next episode?

Ready to delve into a topic that's often left unspoken? Keltie Maguire is here to ignite the conversation around choosing to have children or embrace a childfree life.

Keltie helps women discover their own true wants, needs, and desires, so they can make an empowered choice that is right for them

Because despite what society tells us: motherhood isn’t a must. 


motherhood clarity coaching
motherhood clarity coaching
motherhood clarity coaching
motherhood clarity coaching
motherhood clarity coaching
motherhood clarity coaching

Meet Keltie.

Keltie Maguire is a Canadian expat and Clarity Coach living in Munich, Germany, who helps women entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals to connect with what they truly want in life — and take the steps to realize it.

In speaking openly about her own experience facing uncertainty and ambivalence about whether to have kids — and how she became clear on her childfree choice — Keltie began hearing from countless women who related to her story.

Now she helps other women get clarity on whether motherhood or a childfree path is for them, so they can live a joyful, dynamic, and fulfilling life — no matter the choice.

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Kids or Childfree by Choice with Keltie Maguire
Clarity Coach, host of The Clarity Podcast, and creator of the Kids or Childfree workshop

Sneak peek of Keltie as a podcast guest

Sample questions

➤ Tell me about your own indecision about whether to have kids — and how you arrived at the choice to be childfree.


➤ What advice would you give to other women who are on the fence?


➤ How did other people react to your choice to remain childfree?

➤ What's the most common fear women have when it comes to having or not having kids?


➤ What are some common misconceptions about being childfree?

Hot Podcast Topics

🔥 Motherhood ambivalence — and why being "on the fence" about kids is such a source of shame for many women.

🔥 Key questions to explore to help you decide if kids are for you.

🔥 Keltie's own decade-long struggle navigating the decison whether or not to have kids — and how she finally arrived at her childfree choice.

🔥 The narratives and societal attitudes that only worsen indecision & uncertainty about whether to have kids.

motherhood clarity coaching
Keltie's episode of We Are Childfree is one of our most-listened to episodes. Her warmth, relatability, and the insights Keltie offers for navigating ambivalence and uncertainty about motherhood make her a fantastic podcast guest that both listeners and hosts alike will love.

Zoë Noble, Founder and Podcast Host, We Are Childfree

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