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Childfree Over 60

 July 17th, 2023
Hosted by Clarity Coach, Keltie Maguire
Childfree Over 60

For women of all ages who are wondering what childfree living looks like, later in life.

Your childfree life today is pretty damn swell.


But what will life without kids look like as you age?

Listen in as I host a panel of women aged 60+ who never had kids, for a discussion on topics including…

◇ Childfree regret and grief
◇ The ups and downs of aging without children
◇ What family means and looks like without kids
◇  How life is, over 60, when you don’t have kids

…and whatever questions YOU want to ask.

Childfree Over 60

More than just a unique chance to hear from older women about their life without kids, Childfree Over 60 will give you the opportunity to explore and reflect on what this means for your own decision and life. 

Here’s what’s in store for the event:

Hour 1

Get ready for a candid conversation featuring the questions and hot topics you’ve been wondering about, related to being childfree later in life.

Hour 2

Once the panel conversation is over, we’ll take things even deeper. Think journaling questions, coaching, and discussion to help you delve further into what this all means for you and your choice.

Our panel

Childfree Over 60 workshops
Jackie Shannon Hollis

Jackie Shannon Hollis is a writer, storyteller and speaker and the author of the memoir, This Particular Happiness: A Childless Love Story. Her writing has been described as honest and intimate, exploring complex human issues. Always curious about the ways we humans relate, Jackie and her husband, Bill, lead workshops on communication, conflict management, and building successful relationships. Jackie lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their goofy little dog, JoJo.

Learn more about Jackie at

Childfree Over 60 workshops

Credit: Jerome Hart Photography

Kate Kaufmann

International, award-winning author of Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer is No, Kate Kaufmann advocates for better understanding of the childless/childfree demographic in person, on air, and in print. A popular speaker, media guest, and conversation-starter, she has  an MFA in creative writing and professional background in human resources and consulting. Outlets where her work has been featured include NBC, CBC Radio, Psychology Today, and the Washington Post.

Get to know more about Kate at

Childfree Over 60 workshops
Lisette Schuitemaker

Lisette Schuitemaker is an author, impact investor, and board director, living in Amsterdam.

“In my thirties, it dawned on me slowly that having a family was a choice rather than an obligation. In my forties, I sold my company and met my partner. In my fifties, I trained as a healer and wrote my first book. In my sixties, I wrote the book Childless Living which with hindsight I would rather have called The Non-Parent Path. We who don’t have children walk a road less travelled by but how rich and rewarding to honour who we are and how our life wants to unfold.”
Find Lisette online at

Ready to hear what it’s really like to be childfree as you age? 

Childfree Over 60 workshops

Listen, if you’re on the fence about kids (or maybe, are already decisively childfree), I know how much the question of future regret or later-in-life challenges can weigh on your mind.

Plus, if you’re anything like me, you might have literally no one you can ask. (My reference point for childfree women over 60 was historically, almost zero.)

That’s why I’m taking you straight to the source, for this intimate, 2-hour live event, Childfree Over 60.


Childfree Over 60 workshops
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